Bridgette Kaczmarek - Attorney
Ms. Kaczmarek was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Ms. Kaczmarek attended Louisiana State University and graduated from University of New Orleans in 1996 with a BA in Communications. Ms. Kaczmarek then worked at the local NBC affiliate in New Orleans until her decision to go to law school in 1998.

Graduating from Loyola University New Orleans Law School in 2001, Ms. Kaczmarek received her Juris Doctorate in Common Law, the law recognized by 49 States and Great Britain. She also received a Certificate in Civil Law which is the law recognized by Louisiana and the remainder of the world. Ms. Kaczmarek had the opportunity of interning with the New Orleans Saints during the summer of 2000 working on the stadium deal.

Ms. Kaczmarek began working with attorneys in New Orleans, practicing civil law specializing mostly in divorce, child custody, personal injury and worker’s compensation cases. Ms. Kaczmarek stayed in New Orleans two years after the devastating Hurricane Katrina before deciding to relocate to Colorado with her family who all relocated here as well.

Ms. Kaczmarek began working in a workers’ compensation firm in Colorado Springs and then worked for the El Paso County District Attorney’s office for six months before moving on to a large firm, specializing solely in Family Law matters.

In November of 2009, Ms. Kaczmarek began working for herself, bringing her unique brand of southern hospitality to her Colorado Springs Family Law. She enjoys working on her own, where she is able to strictly focus on children of divorce and providing excellent customer care to her clients. Working hard in keeping costs down including payment plans for the everyday working man or woman is what she prides herself being able to do. Ms. Kaczmarek understands that not everyone has the money to put up front for high retainers. If they can provide a retainer, those individuals deserve to see their retainers go far.

Ms. Kaczmarek runs a family business with her son that asists with court and office filings.

Ashlyn Malecki - Paralegal

Ashlyn is a Colorado native, born and raised in Colorado Springs. She graduated with her Associates Degree in Arts with a minor is Psychology (3.93 GPA) from the University of Phoenix. She constantly is keeping up-to-date with all the current legal issues paralegals face through the Rocky Mountain Paralegal Association.

Ashlyn’s been assisting in Family Law since May 2008. She truly has a passion for Family Law and enjoys assisting client’s with their custody and divorce cases.

When Ashlyn’s not at the office, she enjoys spending time with her family and absolutely loved being in the Colorado backcountry where she hikes and camps.

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